Twitter, with looks as brand new Social media, this is the virtual world where today’s generations is living and are happy to be in it. There are many social networking websites available for us to hook up with. The best part of these sites is that we can find our long lost friends. It is a one stop solution for all our searches; everything is available for us on these websites. There has been an enormous amount of increase in the usage of the social media. It keeps the people connected with each other all the time. They are available for all types of gadgets which support data connection. With ever growing use of smartphones, people often download the social media apps. It makes the task easy for them, we can chat, like, share and do all sorts of things on the go. Twitter is one of the most trending social networking websites in the recent past. They have always kept their interface simple, easy to navigate and mobile app clone scripts captivating at the same time. The statistics show that they have been an increase in the usage of this site on mobile phones rather than on desktops. Around 82 per cent of the active users access the social media on their smartphones or tablets. The activity on the site is increasing on a regular basis and the company is trying to implement new feature to the app. Twitter app which is available for the smartphones and tablets have been designed with special new featureS. These features give the users a completely new experience. It is the next level to experience Twitter in a more interesting way. Here is a list of a few features which have been added to the latest updated version of the Twitter App Polls If, we have a question to post with options and find some answers, then this is the right option for us. Twitter Polls allow us to post a question to our followers with a set of four options. It will be active for 24 hours for the followers to answer the question and it displays the final outcome of the poll. There are different ways in which an individual can use this feature. We can ask the followers to vote on the content, predict the final result of a match or give feedbacks on our tweets. No more cropping of images Now, we can happily post the full size picture on our tweets, no need of cropping of the image. They have now updated the site where people can upload full size images. It is true that an image can explain us better than the words. With interesting and exciting pictures the uber for x we will able to bring more traffic to our tweet. So, leave behind the cropping concept, just upload the picture and we are done. Stay up-to-date Moments, it will fetch the latest updates from around the world and display it at the top. Twitter wants its users to stay updated with the current happenings around the world. Everything will be available for us to browse through, like entertainment, politics, sports, news and much more. A few of the critics finds this feature as an unnecessary disturbance and a hindrance while searching for something else. But, still people are glad with this new feature as it allows them to stay up-to-date. No character restriction In the past, we were restricted to use only 140 characters for our tweets as well as the direct messages. This restriction has always made our conversations to be short. We are aware of the fact that we have things to share which cannot be expressed within 140 characters. So, the tech gigs have fixed this issue by allowing us to text us more than 140 characters. We can now text up to 10,000 characters, which is available for us on the mobile apps, desktop apps and the web as well. “Like” button With the recent update from Twitter by changing the favorite “star” option to a “like” button, it has created a buzz. The users who barely notice these icons, it is not a big change; all they need to do is click on a “heart” symbol rather than a “star”. But, for the people who log into Twitter once in a few hours and swipe through their favorites for them it may seem to be a big change. It may not have affected the majority of the users, but we can expect that people will take a survey on bringing back the “star” on Twitter. Let’s wait and see. Circadian rhythm The light emitting from the smartphones does alter our circadian rhythm and create havoc in our sleep patterns. It is a proven fact that, the youngsters from this generation use their smartphones into late nights. Twitter has introduced a new feature along with the other features is the “Dark” mode. This will shift the white light of the screen to a darker shade of gray. This will give a soothing effect to our eyes and will not strain it. Apart from these new features additions to Twitter, there are a few mobile apps which are powered by Twitter and are becoming popular with the crowds. Here are a few to check out. Tweetbot [iOS- $5.49] It is one of the most popular and highly recommended Twitter mobile apps in the app store. It is a third party app which is handled by Twitter; it has the features which the official app doesn’t support. It is the best option for any Apple user, as it can be used across all the Apple devices. It supports lots of features like multiple timelines, mute tweets, read later, direct messages, dark mode and customized themes. So, this app is definitely one of the most recommended apps as it does many things on a single interface. Plume [Android] People who use Android devices, Plume would be the best option for them to use Twitter. It is rapid and the refresh rate of the site is pretty good. We can maintain multiple Twitter accounts and switch between them. Many things can be done with the help of this app, like customizing the interface, change colors, themes and just about anything we do with a Twitter account. We can even integrate our Facebook account with our Twitter account. The app is free for Android users and the premium would cost us around $4.99. The fact is that Facebook is a home to most of the users worldwide. But, Twitter is giving a tough competition to the home social networking media. It was just 2 years later that Twitter was launched after the launch of Facebook in the year 2004. In a survey taken, it clearly shows that Facebook stands in the first place and Twitter at third place (March 2016). Second place was bagged by Instagram which is owned by Facebook. Twitter has introduced these new features; we can hope that it will bring more crowds to the site. The biggest step which Twitter has taken is to type more than 140 characters. Users are glad with this new update and are expecting that it will be a big success. There are many famous social networking websites and apps for the billions of population. Twitter is aiming to reach the first place by the end of this year, let’s hope for the best, fingers crossed.